How to Connect an iPhone to the TV With an AV Cable

By Jefe Nubarron

You can play movies and videos from your iPhone on your home television. The necessary ingredient is an audio and video (AV) cable. Apple sells two types of cables that support video output from an iPhone to a TV. You also can purchase third-party cables. AV cables connect through the dock connector of an iPhone to either component or composite inputs on a television. Both component and composite connectors are the same RCA-style plugs, but the type of cable you will need depends upon the input supported by your TV.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone AV cable

Step 1

Determine the type of video input that your television supports. You can check the inputs on the TV, check the device manual or look it up online. The highest quality is component input, consisting of three independent channels of red, green and blue; while composite input is a single cable of a lesser quality.

Step 2

Purchase the appropriate AV cable for your iPhone according to the highest quality input that your television supports. If your TV supports component input, purchase a component iPhone AV cable. Otherwise, purchase a composite iPhone AV cable.

Step 3

Connect the dock connector of your AV cable to the dock connection on your iPhone.

Step 4

Connect the video plugs on the other end of the iPhone AV cable to the video input jacks on your television. If you are using a component AV cable, look for red, green and blue input jacks. A composite AV cable will have a single yellow RCA-type jack.

Step 5

Connect the RCA-style audio jacks on your iPhone AV cable to the appropriate input in your sound system. Both types of AV cables will have red and white audio outputs that can be plugged into your television's audio input or your home theater receiver.