How to Connect an LCD Digital TV to a DVD/VCR Player

By James Clark

A DVD/VCR combo unit occupies about half the space of two individual components and connects in essentially the same way. Two composite audio-video cables with RCA-type plugs are needed to connect the combo unit to an LCD digital TV set, using a pair of inputs and outputs on the television to play back DVDs and VHS tapes or to record programming on the VCR. Each cable is equipped with a trio of color-coded plugs on each end for fast connections.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 composite AV cables

Step 1

Turn off the LCD television and the DVD/VCR.

Step 2

Connect one composite AV cable from the jacks labeled "Composite IN" on the back of the TV to the output jacks on the back of the DVD/VCR. The yellow, white and red plugs connect to the matching color jacks on each piece of equipment.

Step 3

Hook up the second composite AV cable from the "Composite OUT" jacks on the LCD TV to the input jacks on the DVD/VCR combo. This connection sends audio video signals to the VCR for recording to a VHS tape.