How to Connect an LCD Projector to a Laptop

By Techwalla Contributor

More and more businesses today are supplementing meetings with visual presentations. In the past, these presentations were done with transparent slides and overhead projectors. As LCD projectors and laptop computers have become more affordable, many businesses are turning to these devices as a convenient and low-cost solution. An additional benefit is that hooking up an LCD projector to a laptop takes only a minute or two, and anyone can learn to do it.

Things You'll Need

  • Video projector
  • Laptop with a 15-pin VGA video port and a USB port
  • Projector screen or large white surface such as a wall

Step 1

Connect one end of the video cable to the projector unit.

Step 2

Connect the cable end with the 15-pin connector to the corresponding port on the laptop computer.

Step 3

Turn on the LCD projector and boot the laptop.

Step 4

If the image from the laptop does not display on the screen, press the "Function" key and the “F8” key to toggle the input source until the image appears.

Step 5

Connect the USB cable and then install driver software as needed to make the remote control functions work. You are now ready to give your presentation.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many laptops have a special set of function keys labeled with colored symbols. To toggle between the PC and the projector, press the "Function" key and the key marked with an icon that looks like two TV screens.
  • Many brands and styles of connectors are available, but with most cables, only one end will connect to the projector, while the connector on the other end will only connect to the video port on the computer.
  • Many projectors have multiple input ports, so you can use multiple sources for video, such as VCRs and DVD players.
  • Some projectors (depending on lumens) can be used in normal lighting situations; others may require complete darkness to be seen clearly.
  • Adjusting the distance between the projector and the screen will help you determine the best quality image and size for your situation.