How to Connect Computer Speakers to an LCD TV

By Larry Simmons

While larger LCD TVs continue to drop in price even as their size grows, more people are purchasing them to enjoy in larger spaces. The picture quality has not suffered with the larger screen technology, but the sound output from these TVs continues to channel through small on-board speakers. Filling a larger room with sound often requires that you use external powered speakers. A good source for inexpensive external powered speakers is your PC dealer. Computer speakers can fill a large area with sound of higher volume and quality than that provided with the typical LCD TV, and with a few easy-to-use adapter plugs, you can install them and start listening to your LCD in a matter of minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • LCD TV
  • Stereo Mini Jack (3.5mm) to Left and Right RCA Plug Y-adapter
  • Powered computer speakers (stereo)

Step 1

Plug the two RCA male plugs from the Y-adapter into the left and right "Audio Out" jacks on your LCD TV. The white plug goes into the left jack, which is also marked in white, and the red plub goes into the right jack, which is also marked in red.

Step 2

Plug a set of self-powered stereo PC speakers into the female 3.5mm end of the Y-adapter. PC speakers generally connect in a string, with the second speaker connecting with the first, which then connects to the PC. Use this PC connection plug to connect to the Y-adapter.

Step 3

Connect the speaker cord from the second speaker into the input jack of the first speaker.

Step 4

Place the right speaker to the right of the television and the left speaker to the left of the set.

Step 5

Connect the power plug to the PC speakers, and then plug the speakers into a wall outlet. Turn on the speakers followed by the LCD TV. The TV sends the signal to the first speaker, which then separates it into a stereo signal that is output by both speakers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a 2:1, 3-speaker setup to experience better bass sounds from your PC speakers with the addition of a sub-woofer.