How to Connect D-link Wireless Internet

By Art Corvelay

D-Link is a company that specializes in networking solutions. One of D-Link's major products is the wireless router. This is a piece of hardware that allows a user to connect to the Internet wirelessly by connecting modems to computers. If you want to connect to the Internet using your D-Link wireless router, you first have to set up the router so that it can communicate with both your modem and the computer wireless card.

Things You'll Need

  • Modem
  • Internet service
  • Ethernet cables

Step 1

Connect all of the hardware necessary to set up your D-Link wireless router. Connect the source of your Internet, usually cable or phone line, into the back of your modem. Then,connect an Ethernet cable from your modem to the Ethernet slot on the back of your D-Link router.

Step 2

Connect another Ethernet cable from your router to your computer. Your D-Link router will have multiple Ethernet cable inputs. Choose any open port.

Step 3

Open your web browser and type in Press "Enter" on your keyboard and the D-Link administrator page will open.

Step 4

Enter your username and password. For D-Link routers, the default username is "Admin." Leave the password field blank.

Step 5

Navigate through the D-Link setup wizard. This wizard will allow you to create a password to access the Internet and make other administrative changes to your router. Once you have completed the wizard, you will now be able to connect to the Internet using your router.

Step 6

Unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer and connect to your wireless network. Open a Web page to make sure that your D-Link router is sending and receiving data.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always put a password on your wireless network so that others unwanted users cannot access your network.