How to Connect DirecTV to a PlayStation 3

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RCA composite is a common audio/video connection cable.

The PlayStation 3 is one of the most complex video game consoles available. In addition to its powerful hard drive and improved graphics, the console provides a variety of audio and video output ports. Though it is not possible to view your DirecTV satellite system through the PS3 console, you can connect the console to the DirecTV DVR if you have one. This allows you to record your gaming on the DVR, so you can reference your games later.


Step 1

Compare the output ports on the PS3 with the input ports on the DirecTV DVR. There are three main ports to look for: RCA composite (yellow, white and red ports), RCA component (red, green and blue video with red/white audio) and HDMI (thin trapezoid).

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Step 2

Check off the the ports on the DVR that connect it to the DirecTV receiver box. These are unavailable for your PS3 connection.


Step 3

Connect the PS3 to the DVR using one of the available connections. The quality from highest to lowest is as follows: HDMI, component, composite. The PS3's composite connection uses its own "AV Multi Out" port that requires the use of composite cables included with the device.


Step 4

Connect the DVR output to the TV input using the same type of cable you used with the PS3. This isn't essential if the DVR is already connected to the TV with other cables, but it will help ensure continuity in connection quality.

Step 5

Turn on the TV, and tune it to the DVR input. Turn on the DVR and PS3, and make sure they appear on the screen.

Things You'll Need

  • DirecTV digital video recorder

  • PlayStation 3 console

  • TV set

  • DirecTV satellite system

  • Video/audio cables


On some models of the PS3, you may need to use an adapter to connect the device using component cables. This adapter has an HDMI connector on one end and all five component plugs at the other, allowing you to connect it to the PS3's HDMI port.