How to Connect DirecTV to a Wireless Signal

By Jack Gorman

DirecTV is one of the most popular brands of satellite television available. Recently, it has become advantageous to connect DirecTV receivers to the Internet. Doing so provides several advantages, including eliminating the need to connect the receiver to a phone line, and making features such as a Whole House DVR and On Demand available to customers. However, most receivers are not equipped for wireless connections, and in some cases, are too far away from routers to connect via an ethernet cable. You can correct these problems with a few simple steps.

Things You'll Need

  • DirecTV receiver with ethernet port
  • Wireless transceiver that uses an ethernet port to connect to a media device
  • Wireless router
  • CAT-6 cable

Step 1

Connect your wireless transceiver to your wireless network per the manufacturer's directions. The precise steps vary based on your wireless router and transceiver, so it is important to read the directions carefully. Generally, working within the transceiver's administration software, you will need to select your wireless network by name, and then insert the password if you have one to connect the two devices together.

Step 2

Connect the DirecTV receiver to the wireless transceiver. Look for an ethernet port on the back of the transceiver; if there is more than one, any open port will do. (Ethernet receivers look like oversized phone jacks.) Then locate the ethernet port on the back of the DirecTV receiver; this will be identical to the one on the transceiver. Connect your CAT-6 cable to each of these ports. If there is more than one port on your DirecTV receiver, use the top one.

Step 3

Verify that your DirecTV receiver is now connected to the internet. Press Menu on your DirecTV remote, then select the Help & Settings menu. Select Setup, then Network, and finally Connect Now. If your receiver recognizes your network, then installation is complete. If it does not, it will ask you what your connection method is. Choose Wireless.

Tips & Warnings

  • DirecTV does not recommend that a wireless connection be used. Rather, if at all possible, you should wire the receiver directly to your router for best possible results.

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