How to Connect iLive to a TV

By James Clark

iLive manufactures several electronic docking systems for connecting an Apple iPod with external audio video devices, including a television. The components hold an iPod and transmit signals from the portable media player to speakers, home theater or a TV monitor for enjoying videos on a much larger screen. The connection to a TV takes less than five minutes using standard component audio/video cables.

Things You'll Need

  • Audio/video cables
  • Surge protector

Step 1

Connect the RGB video cables to the Video OUT jacks on the iLive, matching the red, green and blue plugs to the color-coded jacks.

Step 2

Insert the plugs on the other end into a set of component Video IN jacks on the TV.

Step 3

Attach the audio cables to the Audio OUT jacks on the iLive, connecting the white plug to the left jack and the red plug to the right jack.

Step 4

Connect the plugs on the other ends to the TV Audio IN jacks using the same color codes.

Step 5

Plug the iLive and the TV electrical cords into a surge protector, which can be plugged into a wall outlet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Press the "Input" button on the TV repeatedly until the iLive signal appears.
  • Connect the audio/video cables before plugging the equipment into the electricity.