How to Connect Samsung Wireless InfoLink Adapter

By Rebecca Gilbert

The Samsung InfoLink adapter allows you to connect your compatible television to the Internet. The adapter allows you to connect wirelessly, reducing the tangle of wires in your home. The Samsung InfoLink adapter gives your television access to extra Internet services that increase its usefulness.

Step 1

Locate the Wiselink port on your television. Insert the Samsung wireless adapter.

Step 2

Turn on the television. If the television doesn't automatically ask you to connect wirelessly, press the “Menu” button on the remote.

Step 3

Choose “Network Selection” from the Setup menu on the television screen and press “OK." Select “Wireless” for the type of connection and press “End” to exit the menu.

Step 4

Choose “Menu” and “Wireless Network Setup” if your television recognizes the wireless connection, and press “OK." Select “Internet Protocol Setup” and “OK” and begin the wireless setup by pressing “Auto Setup.” Press “OK” and then “End” to complete the wireless setup process.

Step 5

Set up the access point by going into the menu again and choosing “Setup” and “OK,” then “Access Point Select” and “OK.” Choose your wireless network point and press “OK” on the remote. Enter your network password and click “OK” and “End,” and your wireless network setup is complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure your wireless network is connected before starting.

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