How to Connect Surround Sound for a Cable Box

By Greyson Ferguson

When hooking up surround sound, it is important to directly connect the sound receiver to the provided device (such as a DVD player or cable receiver box). This is because when you run the cable receiver directly into a television, then take the surround sound from the TV, you are going to lose some of the sound signal, as the television does not completely understand a surround sound input. Thankfully, it is possible to directly hook up your cable receiver box to any surround sound system.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital coaxial audio cable
  • Surround sound receiver
  • Cable receiver box

Step 1

Insert the digital coaxial cable into the "Digital Audio Out" port, located on the back side of the cable receiver box.

Step 2

Plug the opposite end of the cable into the "Digital Audio In" port of the surround sound receiver.

Step 3

Power on both the cable receiver and the surround sound receiver.

Step 4

Choose "Digital Audio In" on the surround sound display. This adjusts the receiver to play the audio currently connected to the digital connection (in this case, it is the cable receiver box).