How to Connect to a Server on a Mac

By Bennett Gavrish

When your Mac computer is connected to the Internet, it can easily connect to both Mac and Windows servers that are sharing files on a network. In order to connect to a server, you must know the exact host name or IP address of the server. After establishing a connection to a file-sharing server, you will usually be prompted to enter a valid username and password.

Step 1

Go to the Finder by clicking on the icon in the Dock.

Step 2

Open the "Go" menu, and then select "Connect to Server."

Step 3

Enter the IP address or host name of the server in the "Server Address" field.

Step 4

Click the "Connect" button, and then select the option you want to use to connect to the server, such as "As a Registered User."

Step 5

Enter a valid username and password when prompted to access the shared folders and volumes on the server.

Tips & Warnings

  • Information in this article applies to a Mac computer running OS X Mavericks. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly with other versions of the program.