How to Connect to the Internet Through Time Warner

By Suzette Barnard

Time Warner Cable offers the high-speed Road Runner service to customers who want to connect to the Internet. The service uses a cable modem to connect one computer or a wireless router to your cable hub, providing continuous Internet service. The company offers professional installation, for a fee, or provides customers with a self-installation kit.

Things You'll Need

  • Time Warner cable modem
  • Coaxial cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • A cable hub in the same room as your computer

Step 1

Locate your cable hub in the wall. Make sure your coaxial cable is long enough to reach from the hub to your cable modem. Make sure the Ethernet cable can reach either your wireless router or your computer.

Step 2

Turn off your computer.

Step 3

Connect the coaxial cable to the cable hub in your wall. Connect the other end to your cable modem's connector.

Step 4

Connect the Ethernet cable to the back of the cable modem. Connect the other end to your wireless router or your computer. The Ethernet port looks like a standard phone jack. Other styles of modems use a USB interface that connects the same way, only using the USB ports.

Step 5

Turn on your computer.

Step 6

If you're using a wireless router, follow its instruction card to set up your wireless network. If your modem came with a software CD, run it now.

Step 7

Plug in the cable modem's power cord and begin surfing the Internet.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you need to connect your cable modem and your television to the same cable hub, you will need a third piece called a line splitter. The bottom of the Y-shaped piece connects to the hub, and the top cables will connect to the modem and television.
  • Do not bend or stretch your coaxial or Ethernet cables. This can damage the wiring inside.