How to Connect Two iPhones to Bluetooth

By Ann Mapleridge

Bluetooth can allow your iPhone to communicate wirelessly with other Bluetooth-capable devices, such as headsets, speakerphones and speaker systems. If you and a family member both have iPhones, you can connect the iPhones to the same Bluetooth device.

Step 1

Power on the Bluetooth device you would like to connect with your iPhones and place it near them.

Step 2

Press the "Settings" menu button on one of the iPhones.

Step 3

Select "General" from the menu that appears and then select "Bluetooth."

Step 4

Ensure Bluetooth is switched to "On" at the top of the screen, and wait while your phone searches for new Bluetooth devices around it.

Step 5

Select the device you would like to connect to your phone from the list that appears. When prompted, enter in the pairing code for your device. The pairing code is a series of letters and numbers unique to each Bluetooth device. You can find your devices pairing code typically on sticker on the device itself or its manual.

Step 6

Repeat the process with the second iPhone.