How to Connect Your iPad Wi-Fi to 3G

By Lanae Carr

Most iPad and iPod Touch users rely on Wi-Fi to use applications, access email and surf the Internet on their devices. The option to connect using 3G is available to iPad users who choose a data plan inclusive of the option to switch between Wi-Fi and your phone carrier's 3G network. However, it is possible to use your Wi-Fi to tap into a 3G network. To use this function on your iPad, you need an iPhone or other 3G-enabled device that can function as a wireless hotspot for your iPad.

Things You'll Need

  • 3G hotspot

Step 1

Click the "Settings" menu on your 3G-enabled device. Click "Personal Hotspot" and change the status of the hotspot to "On." Enter your Wi-Fi hotspot password.

Step 2

Click "Settings" on your iPad menu. Click "Wi-Fi" to search for available wireless networks.

Step 3

Choose the 3G-enabled device from your list of available wireless networks. The iPad will connect to the device immediately unless a password is required. If a password is required, the iPad will prompt you to enter it before connecting to the 3G-enabled device. Once you are connected, you can access data and Internet services using the 3G Wi-Fi hotspot.