How to Connect Your Laptop to the Internet With a Cell Phone

By Ryan Mooney

Most cell phones are capable of many Internet functions. You can connect your laptop to the Web, using it as a portable modem, from anyplace that you have cell phone coverage. This process is also referred to as tethering.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone
  • USB cable
  • Laptop computer

Connect to Internet via Cell Phone

Step 1

Turn on the phone.

Step 2

Verify the phone is not connected to the computer.

Step 3

Press the “Menu” button.

Step 4

Select “Options” or “Setting,” based on your phone manufacturer.

Step 5

Select the option for “Internet Sharing” or “Internet Access”.

Step 6

Go to the “PC Connection Field.”

Step 7

Set the field to “USB.”

Step 8

Go to the "Network Connection" field and enter your mobile carrier's name.

Step 9

Click the option for “Connect” or “On.”

Step 10

Connect the phone to computer via the USB cable that came with the phone.

Step 11

Verify that the “add new hardware wizard” appears and locates the phone once it is connected via USB.

Step 12

Wait about a minute before as drivers install if this if your first time connecting to a computer.

Step 13

Click your “Internet Browser” icon.

Step 14

Make sure that you can connect to the Internet and browse normally. This type of connection is usually slower than a hard-wired connection.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be aware that your cell phone provider may charge additional data fees for using the phone to connect to the Internet.