How to Contact YouTube

An average YouTube user cannot contact YouTube for direct customer support. YouTube reserves direct support for highly popular YouTube Partner accounts that have a large audience. Average users can use the Help button or the Feedback button to contact the YouTube support center. Both buttons are located at the bottom of your YouTube account home screen. You can also consult the YouTube Help Center or a YouTube content creator forum.

YouTube Account Home Screen
YouTube Help and Feedback Buttons
credit: YouTube

YouTube Help

YouTube Help Screen
YouTube Help Popup Window
credit: YouTube

When you click Help, answers to frequently asked questions appear in the YouTube Help window. Click a link and the window fills with related text. If your topic isn't shown, enter it in the search field next to the magnifying glass. The search field is context-sensitive and automatically shows results based on your search term. If you type Copyright, for example, YouTube offers links to copyright related topics such as Copyright Contact Information and Copyright Strike Basics.

YouTube Help Center

YouTube Help Center Home Page
YouTube Help Center
credit: YouTube

Click Browse All Articles in the Help popup window to go to the YouTube Help Center. The Help Center provides answers to a wide range of questions. Use the Feedback option if you cannot find an answer here.

YouTube Feedback

Feedback Popup Window
Google Feedback Window for YouTube
credit: YouTube

Click Send Feedback in the Help popup window or click the Send Feedback button at the bottom of your account home screen. The Feedback popup window appears. Enter your question and click Next.

Google Feedback Tools Popup Window
Feedback Screen Capture Tools
credit: YouTube

Use the tools provided in the popup window to highlight the area on the screen that concerns you, and obscure any personal information that you do not want anyone to see. Then, click Next.

Google Feedback Screen Capture
Screen Capture Example
credit: YouTube

YouTube generates the screenshot. Edit your message or inspect the information under Additional Info, where details about your browser and your YouTube account appear. This information is sent along with your message and cannot be edited. When you are satisfied with the content of this screen, click Submit. The message goes to YouTube technical support.

Direct Email Support for YouTube Partners

Content creators with popular videos, a large number of viewers or a monetized account are eligible for YouTube Partner support. A YouTube Partner can contact YouTube directly through an program-specific email address and may have a YouTube representative assigned to the account. Advanced support options are explained on the Get Help as a YouTube Creator page. Support options that appear on this page are based on your account, and the average user does not see options available to YouTube Partners. Learn more about YouTube partnership on the Criteria for YouTube Partnership page.

Social Media and Other to Contact Information

Anyone can contact YouTube through the company's Facebook and Twitter accounts. YouTube maintains a street address and a phone number.

YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

Creator forums available at the YouTube Creator Hub are another source for help. The YouTube Contact Us page contains many links that answer common questions, and the Google Press Room may be helpful to some users.