How to Control the Backlight on a Laptop

By Michelle Varsallona

Most laptops now have the Windows Vista operating system, even with the newer Windows 7 out. Windows Vista on laptops lets you choose your lighting settings on the laptop to preserve battery power. If battery power isn't a concern, maybe your eyes are straining while staring at the laptop, and darkening the screen would ease that strain. The light settings on a laptop are customizable, so you can make it suit your personal needs.

Windows Vista

Step 1

Enter the "Start" menu at the bottom of the screen, and click on "Control Panel."

Step 2

Click on "Mobile PC," then enter the "Power Options."

Step 3

On the left side, select "Adjust the display brightness."

Step 4

Use the slide bars to adjust the backlight brightness. There are two different slidebars: one for when the laptop is only using the battery, and another for when the laptop is plugged in.

Mac OS

Step 1

Select "System Preferences," then choose "Displays."

Step 2

Use the slidebar at the bottom to adjust the brightness of the screen.

Step 3

You can also select to have the laptop automatically adjust the screen depending on the light changes around you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Another way to adjust the screen on your laptop is by holding down the "Function" key and using the arrow keys. This will vary from laptop to laptop, however.