How to Control Vizio Volume

By Diana Braun

Vizio is an American manufacturer of consumer electronics focusing primarily on plasma, LCD and LED televisions. Most Vizio TVs come packaged with a remote that you use to control basic functions of the TV, including powering it on and off, changing the channel and controlling the volume. Although each TV model may differ in features, the volume controls are similar.

Step 1

Locate the volume control buttons on the remote that came packaged with the Vizio TV. The control is often depicted as VOL.

Step 2

Press the "+" sign on the VOL button to increase the volume.

Step 3

Press the "-" sign on the VOL button to decrease the volume.

Tips & Warnings

  • Most Vizio TVs also feature a volume control on the TV itself in the case the remote has been misplaced or lost. The controls are typically placed on the front or sides of the TV and are depicted by a "VOL" marking and "+" and "-" signs. Consult your models user manual for specifics of the volume control on your TV.

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