How to Convert a 2007 Excel to PDF

By Brad Maddy

Microsoft Office 2007 allows users to convert Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other Office 2007 files into a PDF format. PDF files have an advantage in that they do not change the formatting when opened in older or new versions of PDF reader programs. The option to save files as PDFs is not available out of the box, but you can install a free update available through Microsoft's website that allows this useful option.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Excel 2007
  • Internet access

Step 1

Download the Office 2007 add-on file from Microsoft's website. Find the link below in the resources section. This will allow you to save all Office 2007 files in a PDF format.

Step 2

Click on the downloaded file to install the add-on. The installer will prompt you to read the user agreement and click "OK" to proceed.

Step 3

Open Excel and create a new workbook, or open a pre-existing Excel file.

Step 4

Click on the Office button located at the top left corner of the Excel window.

Step 5

Move your mouse down the drop-down menu to the "Save As" option.

Step 6

Select "PDF or XPS" as your file format. Name your file and select the folder where you wish to store the PDF file.

Step 7

Click "Publish" to save the file in the new PDF format.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the option "PDF or XPS" is grayed out after you install the update, save the file as "Other Format" and select PDF from the drop-down menu. The "PDF or XPS" will likely not be grayed out after doing so.