How to Convert a FLAC File for iTunes

By Ezekiel James

FLAC files are audio files often used by recording artists and record labels to offer the highest quality digital audio file possible. When you convert a FLAC file to an MP3 you are compressing the file to a smaller size, which will compromise the sound quality slightly. With that being said, it is a simple process that can be completed in iTunes in just a few minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes
  • Winamp

Step 1

Open \"Winamp,\" then click on the \"Options\" menu and select \"Preferences.\"

Step 2

Select \"Output\" in the left sidebar, then select \"Nullsoft Disk Writer.\" Then, click on the \"Configure\" button to proceed.

Step 3

Click on the large directory button labeled \"C:\\.\" Select a folder you want to save the converted FLAC files in, and then hit the \"OK\" button to return to the \"Preferences\" window.

Step 4

Select the \"File\" menu, then select \"Play File\" and navigate to the folder containing the FLAC files you want to convert. Select the first file, then hold down the \"Shift\" key and simultaneously click on the last file to select all the FLAC files in the folder. Click on the \"Open\" button to open the files.

Step 5

Click the \"Play\" button. Winamp will begin to convert your FLAC files into .WAV files and save them to the folder you selected.

Step 6

Open iTunes, then click on the \"Edit\" drop-down menu. Next, select \"Preferences.\" Hit the \"Import Settings\" button at the bottom of the page, under the \"General\" tab.

Step 7

Select the \"MP3 Encoder\" option from the \"Import Using\" drop-down menu. Choose a quality setting from the \"Settings\" drop-down menu. Hit the \"OK\" button to continue.

Step 8

Go to the \"File\" menu, then select \"Add Folder to Library.\" Find the folder you saved the .WAV files in, then select it and hit the \"OK\" button to continue.

Step 9

Locate the .WAV files in your iTunes library. Select the first file, hit the \"Shift\" key and select the last file to select all the files you want to convert.

Step 10

Right-click on any of the highlighted songs, then select \"Create MP3 Version.\" iTunes will now create duplicate MP3 versions of your .WAV files.