How to Convert a Landline Number to a Cell

By Joanne Cichetti

Generally, if you have to spend most part of the day running around town from one place to the other, you tend to miss important calls at home or your office desk. For this reason, a lot of people might consider converting fixed phone lines to cell phones while retaining their existing number. You will not have to notify anyone about the changed number since it will still be activated on your cell phone. Converting a landline number to a cell phone is called "local number portability" (LNP), a government mandate that requires landline as well as cellular service providers to allow customers to retain numbers when switching between service providers.

Step 1

Contact a few cell phone service providers that offer coverage in your area and inquire whether they offer local number portability (LNP) service. Using this service, you will be able to convert your landline number to a cell phone. Most network carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon provide this service, but if one carrier doesn't, you can choose another one.

Step 2

Sign up for the new cell phone service provider's service and get a data plan. Also, choose a handset with that plan.

Step 3

Request the new service provider to initiate the number porting process (takes five to 10 business days). The new service provider will contact your landline company on your behalf and get the number ported without involving you in the process. Within a few days, you will have your landline number activated on your cell phone.