How to Convert a .LIT File to .EPUB

By Mitchell White

LIT is the file format used by the Microsoft e-reader program to read ebooks. If you want to read an LIT file on a different e-reader that can't read LIT files, you can solve this issue by converting LIT to a more common ebook format such as ePub. You can use some free tools on the Internet such as conversion websites and software to change the file type.

Step 1

Visit the ConvertFiles website. Upload your LIT file to the site and select "EPUB" as the output format. Convert the file and then click the link that appears to download it. ConvertFiles can also convert other media, such as music and videos.

Step 2

Navigate to the 2Epub website. Upload your LIT file to the site and click the "Convert" button to create a link to the ePub file that you can then download. The site is free to use.

Step 3

Download and install Calibre. Add the LIT file you want with the button that has the book with the plus symbol on it. Use the book with the recycle symbol on it to open the conversion screen. Select "ePub" as your output format and click "OK" to convert. Calibre is a free program that can also transfer files to devices.