How to Convert a PDF File to the Kindle Format

By Amy Ashwell's Kindle will read a PDF format just the way it is, but you will need to scroll and zoom in to see the whole document. You can convert the document to the format that Kindle reads, enabling you to use the features available in Kindle, such as page-turning and changing font sizes. will convert the files for free.

Things You'll Need

  • Kindle
  • USB cord for Kindle
  • account information

Step 1

Sign into your account.

Step 2

Click on "Manage Your Kindle" under the heading "Kindle Help" on the right side of the screen. Look under the heading "Your Kindle" and find your Kindle email address.

Step 3

Add the word "free" to the email address as shown. (i.e., Send an email with the PDF file attached to this address. Within five minutes, you will receive an email back with the file converted so that it can be read on the Kindle.

Step 4

Attach the USB cord that came with your Kindle to your computer. Open the Kindle files and drag and drop the new document to your Kindle.

Tips & Warnings

  • will deliver the document to you wirelessly for a fee of $.15 if you don't add the word "free" to the email address when sending them your PDF document.
  • Not all documents will convert to a perfect Kindle document. Some read better if left in their original formats. It is worth loading them both ways on the Kindle to see which works better.

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