How to Convert a PDF to a Flash Flip Book

By Contributing Writer

Flash flip books create a sleek-looking effect. They give a book-like appearance, and you feel like you are flipping through a book on your computer. A Flash flip book is also useful for magazine or catalog type sites. If you have a completed project, such as an entire catalog, you can easily change versions of your PDF pages into an SWF and link it to your Flash page flip book.

Things You'll Need

  • Flash flip book program
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • PDFs

Step 1

Download a page flip program (see links in References). Open your PDF file in Adobe Illustrator.

Step 2

Navigate to File > Export. Select "SWF" as your file type. This will create 1 page. Place your new SWF file in the "Pages" folder of your Flash flip book file.

Step 3

Open your "Pages.xml" file in the folder, and add a link to your new SWF file in the Pages folder. This will call the new SWF file. See Picture 1. Do this for each page. Test your Flash flip book.