How to Convert a PDF to a TXF

By Lynn Burbeck

The TXF file extension stands for Tax Exchange Format--a file format that is used by tax professionals and tax preparation software to compute data such as gross income and business expenses. Although data saved in a PDF document can be manually entered into the tax preparation software you are using, you will save time by converting the file from a PDF to a TXF. This is a multiple step process, but can be a significant time saver if there is a lot of data to import.

Step 1

Convert the PDF to either a CSV or XLS format, depending on the database software you currently have available. Many conversion programs are available which will translate the PDF file for you, including The Able2Extract PDF converter and ExpressPDF. To convert the document to a CSV format, utilize the free Zamzar online file conversion utility.

Step 2

Use a TXF converter to reformat the data file so that it can be read by the tax preparation software. TXF Express is a well-known tool which will transfer documents from both CSV and XLS formats to TXF documents. It is used by many major financial investment firms and tax preparation companies to create Tax Exchange Format documents.

Step 3

Check the converted document carefully to ensure the data transferred correctly. This is particularly important when you are working with sensitive financial data that must be 100 percent accurate.