How to Convert a Word Document to JPEG Format

By Dan Howard

Microsoft Word does not contain the appropriate code for exporting a Word document into the popular JPEG picture format. Fortunately, you can manually encode a Word document into JPEG format by displaying the final version of your Word document on the screen and using your system's Print Screen key to capture a picture of the document. You can then use the Microsoft Paint program to clean up and save the picture of your Word document as a JPEG file.

Step 1

Start the Microsoft Word program and open the document that you wish to convert to JPEG format .

Step 2

Click on "File" and select "Print Preview." This will show your document in a new print preview sceen.

Step 3

Remove the ruler from the margins of the document, if it appears, by clicking on "View" and clicking on "Ruler." This will remove the checkmark next to "Ruler" in the menu.

Step 4

Click the "View" button and click on "Zoom." If you are converting a one-page document to a JPEG, click on the radio button next to "whole page." If you'd like to turn multiple pages into a single JPEG, click on the radio button next to "Many pages" and choose the number of pages that you'd like the JPEG to contain.

Step 5

Click the "View" button and click on "Full screen." Move the "Close full screen" prompt box to the edge of the screen if it is obscuring your Word document.

Step 6

Press the "PRTSC" or "Print Screen" function key on your keyboard. This will copy a picture of your screen's current contents into your system's copy memory.

Step 7

Click the "Start" button and select "Programs," "Accessories" and "Paint." The Microsoft Paint program will open.

Step 8

Click "Edit" and select "Paste." This will paste a picture of your Microsoft Word document into the Paint program.

Step 9

Choose the "Select" tool from the paint tools menu. The Select tool is located in the upper, right corner of the menu and is depicted by a dashed rectangle.

Step 10

Select the portion of the Word document that you wish to transfer to the JPEG. Click and hold the mouse button as you drag the cursor from one corner of your selection to the other, and release the mouse when the desired portion of the Word document is highlighted.

Step 11

Right-click on the selected rectangle and choose "Crop" from the menu. This will crop the borders of the picture to only the portion that was within the rectangle.

Step 12

Click "File" and choose "Save as." In the ensuing menu, choose "JPEG" from the drop-down menu next to the heading "Save as type." Choose the destination directory, type in the desired name for your JPEG file and click the "Save" button.