How to Convert a WPL to an MP3 for Free

By Randall Jenson

You may have spent much time and energy creating your favorite Windows Media Player playlist (WPL). To transfer all the songs to another media player, convert the songs in WMA or AAC audio to the universal MP3 song format for quick and convenient playback. This is easy to do with the right conversion software. Handbrake, a free and open-source program, provides both DVD ripping and file conversion for your specific needs.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Media Player
  • iTunes Media Player
  • Handbrake DVD ripper and conversion program (free)

Manual Conversion

Step 1

Open your Windows Media Player. Under the second tab labeled "Library," choose the WMA or WMV files you want to convert. Right-click on the song or movie and click on the last option, "Open File Location."

Step 2

Within the new folder that opens, find the Windows Media file. Right-click the file and choose the option "Rename." Retype the file name, delete "WMA" and add "AAC" after the file name that already exists. Click "Accept" if a message pops up asking if you want to change the file format.

Step 3

Open iTunes multimedia player if you need to play a WMA music file with Quicktime. Click on the last tab, "Help," at the top of the toolbar.

Step 4

Manually drag the WMA files you wish to convert into iTunes. When a small pop-up box opens stating, "One or more of the songs you are adding to iTunes is in the WMA format. iTunes will automatically convert them to the AAC format so that they can be added to your iTunes library," click "Convert."

Step 5

Find the newly-added file in iTunes and right-click on the file. Choose the first option, "Get info." Locate the new location under the "Where" section at the bottom of the display box. Select this new AAC audio file that iTunes has converted and play it in your Quicktime media player.

Free Conversion Software

Step 1

Visit Handbrake, linked under Resources below. Click on the "Download" section, then choose the PC version of the DVD ripper and conversion program for your computer. Click the Handbrake icon on your start-up toolbar.

Step 2

Choose and open the "Source" option from the selection screen In the "Output" section, select an MP3 format for audio. Click the small tab next to the "Target Path" option on the right side of the screen. Select a directory path where you want your converted files saved.

Step 3

Choose "Rip" to begin converting to the appropriate format. The process could take a while; ripping most often occurs in real time and will take as long as the actual length of the video or movie. Once finished, select your new MP3 file from the selected directory to play in your iPhone, MP3 device, or cell phone.