How to Convert an Excel Document Into Word

By Contributing Writer

MS Excel and Word are two the most widely used components of the Microsoft Office suite. MS Word is a powerful versatile word processor while MS Excel is a spreadsheet application with incorporated graphic tools. MS Excel is the indispensable program to create various tables and simple charts. Conversion of these Excel data into a Word document is a frequent step in preparation of reports, manuscripts and dissertations.

Step 1

Start MS Excel and open the relevant document.

Step 2

Select desirable cells of the spreadsheet using the mouse or select entire document (the active sheet) by pressing CTRL+A. Then click Copy button on the toolbar or use the shortcut key CTRL+C.

Step 3

Start MS Word. Create a new document or open an existent one.

Step 4

Click Paste button on the toolbar or use the shortcut key CTRL+V. It will insert the Excel spreadsheet into the Word document as a table. Use the Table menu to edit the inserted table.

Step 5

This step is an alternative to Step 4. Choose Paste Special from the Edit menu. Then select Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object and click OK. It creates an embedded Excel object, which is activated for editing by the double click.

Tips & Warnings

  • If an Excel document contains several sheets, switch to each sheet one by one and convert them separately as described.