How to Convert an MP4 With HandBrake

By Andrew Schrader

HandBrake is a free video converter with a number of automated presets for transcoding many types of videos, including MP4s and entire DVD contents. Converting an MP4 is easy using HandBrake; which file format you choose to convert to depends on your needs. For instance, you may want to convert an MP4 to a QuickTime movie for re-editing, as the QuickTime format was made specifically for "ease of editing." Or you may want to convert or simply re-encode your MP4s to an iPod format, which is also a standard feature in HandBrake.

Things You'll Need

  • HandBrake (see Resource 1)

Step 1

Download, install and open the HandBrake application (see Resources below).

Step 2

Click the "Source" icon in the upper left corner. Locate your MP4 in the finder window and open it in HandBrake.

Step 3

Click the "Browse..." button to choose your file's output destination.

Step 4

Click the "Presets" or "Toggle Presets" button to choose a conversion format. Set your audio and video codecs and framerate.

Step 5

Click "Start" to begin the conversion. Depending on the size of your MP4, this will take several minutes.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are re-encoding your MP4, choose "H.264" as your video codec. This will result in a smaller file size with better quality.
  • Re-compressing video may result in loss of quality due to compression standards.