How to Convert an MSG File to a Word File

By Mitchell White

MSG is a Microsoft Exchange email format. If you have an email that's in MSG format that you want to be able to edit and print in Microsoft Word, you'll have to convert it to a Word format, such as DOC, first. You can do this by using conversion programs and free websites.

Step 1

Download a program that can convert your MSG file into a more standard text format, such as TXT (see Resources). This will be needed to eventually convert it to a Word format.

Step 2

Install the MSG converter and open the program.

Step 3

Click on the circle next to "MSG" under where it says "Output Format." Select your input file location and your output format location by clicking on each box and putting in the folder's directory.

Step 4

Click on the "Start Converting Email Now" button.

Step 5

Visit a website such as Media-Convert (see Resources). Click on "Browse" and select the .txt file you just converted. Select ".DOC" or whichever Word format you want from the "Output Format" drop-down menu. Click "OK" to begin converting. Click on the link for the DOC file after the conversion is complete to download it.