How to Convert an SPDIF to an RCA Stereo

By Greyson Ferguson

SPDIF is a digital audio cable that transfers a signal from two different devices (such as a stereo and audio receiver or television). However, many electronic devices do not have an SPDIF connection port, in which case you must convert the digital signal to a widely used audio connection, such as RCA, an extremely popular cable connection used on televisions, DVD players and stereo systems.

Things You'll Need

  • SPDIF cable
  • SPDIF-to-RCA converter
  • RCA cable

Step 1

Insert the SPDIF cable in the device you want to convert to the RCA connection.

Step 2

Plug the opposite end of the SPDIF cable into the SPDIF end of the adapter. Make sure the cable is inserted completely to ensure a secure audio transfer.

Step 3

Connect the RCA cable to the RCA port on the adapter.

Step 4

Plug the opposite end of the RCA cable into the device to which you want to send the digital audio signal.