How to Convert APE to WAV

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Monkey's Audio Main Screen

If you have an APE that you want to burn to an audio CD you can convert your APE file to a WAV file format for better compatibility. A WAV file contains uncompressed audio and is the most compatible audio format available. All audio CD burning software can use WAV files as the source audio. Few, if any, use APE files. Similarly, all audio compression software can use WAV files as the source file. Thus, you can convert to MP3, FLAC, or Musepack formats from a WAV source file.


Step 1

Download & Install Monkey's Audio. Monkey's Audio is software used to encode and decode APE files. The software is free and is available (see Resources).

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Step 2

Monkey's Audio Main Screen

Load Monkey's Audio.


Step 3

Switch to Decompress Mode

Switch to Decompress Mode in Monkey's Audio. To do this, click the down arrow next to the "Compress" button and select the "Decompress" option from the pull-down menu.


Step 4

Add the file(s) you want to decompress from APE format. To do this, click "File" and select "Add Files."


Step 5

Once you selected "Add Files," select the files you wish to add and click "Open."


Step 6

Press the "Decompress" button. After you do this, your APE file(s) will be converted to WAV format and stored in the same directory where your APE file is located. You can now burn your WAV file(s)s as an audio CD.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 file in APE format

  • Monkey's Audio, a free software program for Windows


By default, Monkey's Audio will not delete your original APE files after converting them to WAV and will store the files in the same folder where the APE file was located. You can change these default settings through the "Options" button on the main screen in Monkey's Audio.