How to Convert Bose Speakers

By James Clark

Bose speakers are renowned for high-quality audio and also for the proprietary connection on the end of each cable permanently attached to the speakers. The connection is designed for a simple hookup to a Bose receiver system--and only a Bose. Converting the speaker for use with other brands of components requires a special adapter, available at stereo stores. The adapter hooks up the connector on the Bose cable at one end with two terminals on the opposite side for attaching standard speaker wire. This option preserves the Bose connector without cutting or altering the original cable.

Things You'll Need

  • Bose speaker cable adapter

Step 1

Disconnect the Bose speaker cable from the receiver.

Step 2

Insert the connector on the end of the Bose speaker cable into the port on one side of the adapter box. An example of the adapter box is linked in the Reference section.

Step 3

Connect the two speaker wires to the terminals on the opposite side of the adapter. The red wire connects to the red terminal for easy reference and to avoid crossing the polarity of the wires between the Bose and a receiver or amplifier.

Step 4

Hook up the wires on the other end to an amplifier or receiver, taking care not to reverse the polarity of the connections.

Tips & Warnings

  • Turn off the amplifier or receiver while connecting and disconnecting Bose speakers to the adapter.