How to Convert Clock Time to Decimals

By Mitchell White

The standard "clock time" gives the time in hours, minutes and seconds. An example would "6:42:30" which means that it's 42 minutes past 6, and 30 seconds into the minute. "Decimal time" is when a computer gives the hour followed by what fraction of the hour has been used. For example, "6:30" would be "6.5." Converting to decimal time is useful for clocking in at work.

Step 1

Visit a website that can help you convert to decimal time if you want a quick and easy way. Spring Frog, at, is an example of a site that has one. A link is in the Resource section of this article.

Step 2

Click on the "Ext" box next to "Hours" and enter the hours. Click on the box next to "Minutes" and enter the minutes and then the one next to "Seconds" and enter the seconds.

Step 3

Click on "Convert Hours to Decimal Time." The time you entered will be displayed in decimal form next to where it says "Decimal Time."