How to Convert .doc Files to .rtf

By Aurelio Locsin

A .doc file is created by Microsoft Word. The Rich Text Format (.rtf) preserves formatting information, such as fonts, margins and line spacing, but is not specific to any application. These conversion procedures apply in general to most word processors on any operating system, but are specific to Microsoft Word 2000 on Windows XP.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word

Step 1

Open your word processing program, such as Microsoft Word 2000. Choose the "File" menu and then the "Open" option to display the "Open" dialog box.

Step 2

Look for the .doc file that you want to convert. If .doc is not a native format for your word processing program, you'll need to choose that format in the "Files of Type" drop-down at the bottom of the dialog box. Otherwise, you won't see .doc files listed.

Step 3

Double-click on the file so it appears in a document window. Confirm that this is the file you need by scrolling through it quickly.

Step 4

Choose the "File" menu and then "Save As" to display the "Open" dialog box again. Navigate to the folder in which to store the .rtf file.

Step 5

Choose "Rich Text Format (RTF)" in the "Files of Type" drop-down. Click the "OK" button to save the file as .rtf. Unless you change it, the new file name uses the original file name plus the .rtf extension, such as "Example.rtf."

Step 6

Close the current .doc file without saving any changes.

Step 7

Open the .rtf file you just created. Scroll through it quickly to ensure that all elements converted correctly. If you make any changes, resave the .rtf file.