How to Convert EPS to JPG

By Tyran DeWalt

When you want to convert EPS files to JPG files, you can use a variety of conversion software applications that can easily convert your files. EPS files belong to graphic application such as Adobe Illustrator. JPG files are the common format for digital photos. Whether you wish to convert your EPS files to JPG files for better quality or for opening them with a particular program, you can do so with converter software.

Step 1

Convert the EPS files to JPG with IrfanView 4.28. This software supports multiple languages and has file drag-and-drop support. It also contains features such as thumbnail options, email, hotkeys, command line options, capturing, print option and batch conversion. This conversion tool is small and doesn't take up much disk space.

Step 2

Convert the EPS files to JPG with the ABC Amber EPS Converter 1.03. This is an easy-to-use converter that supports batch conversion, command line run and multiple languages. It also has an embedded viewer. This converter uses very little of your computer's resources when in use.

Step 3

Convert your EPS files to JPG with the Advanced Batched Converter 4.8. This tool also supports batch conversion and single conversions. In addition to converting your EPS files, you can edit your files after conversion by resizing, rotating, flipping and cropping them. This tool also has features that allow you to enhance colors and apply various filters.