How to Convert Excel Into Labels

By Stephanie Ellen

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software that helps you sort and classify huge amounts of data, create professional graphs and charts and keep lists of data that are easily converted into a variety of formats and applications. While Excel allows you to easily keep track of names and addresses in a worksheet, it does not have an option for printing labels. However, you can easily convert Excel spreadsheet data into many kinds of labels using Microsoft Word's Mail Merge function.

Step 1

Organize your data in the Excel worksheet with column headers. Column headers are required for the Mail Merge function to operate correctly. For example, if your labels have name, address and zip code, enter "name" into cell A1, "Address" into cell B1, and "Zip Code" into cell C1. Enter the names for the labels into column A, the addresses into column B, and the zip codes into column C.

Step 2

Open Microsoft Word and select "Step by Step Mail Merge" from the drop-down list.

Step 3

Click the "Labels" radio button and click "->Next: Starting document".

Step 4

Click on the "Use the current document" radio button and click "->Next: Select recipients".

Step 5

Click on the radio button next to "Use an existing list." Click on "Select a New List" or "Select a different list" (depending on if there is data already in Mail Merge).

Step 6

Choose your file and sheet number. Press "OK". Check that the recipient list matches what you want on your labels, then press "OK".

Step 7

Print the labels by clicking the "Finish and Merge" tab. Choose "Print" and click next to the "All" radio button. Click "OK" twice.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the label information doesn't show up when you run Mail Merge, make sure your column headers are correct in Excel. Missing column headers are often the problem when Word fails to recognize cell contents.
  • Your labels will not actually show in a Word document when you run Mail Merge. This isn't an error, so don't rerun the Mail Merge program again (it will insert duplicate information into your document). If you want to view the label content, click on the "View" tab.