How to Convert Excel Mailing List to vCard

By Megan Lawless

Excel spreadsheets are an easy way to create and organize mailing lists. However, it can be tricky to move such a mailing list into an e-mail or address book program such as Microsoft Outlook. While it is not possible to directly import Excel spreadsheets into Outlook, it is possible to convert the Excel document into a vCard, which can be imported into numerous programs. By converting your mailing list to vCards, the individual contacts can be easily e-mailed or transferred to another computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Excel
  • vCard converter program

Step 1

Save the Excel mailing list as a CSV file. To do this, select "File" from the toolbar. Then select "Save As." Click on the drop-down box labeled "Format" and select "comma deliminated" or CSV. Then select "Save."

Step 2

Convert the CSV file to vCards. A converter program is needed. There are several free "CSV to vCard converter programs" available for download online.

Step 3

Download the selected program and follow the program's instructions.

Step 4

Once the vCards have been created, they can be easily edited, e-mailed or saved for a variety of uses.