How to Convert Excel to a PowerPoint

By Foye Robinson

Microsoft PowerPoint provides you the ability to convert an Excel file into a PowerPoint document. When an Excel file is imported, each row may be placed onto its own slide. It's helpful to keep a copy of your original Excel file in case you need to return to that format. PowerPoint may prompt you to install a converter before completing the conversion. According to Microsoft Office Online, some converters are installed when you perform a typical installation, but you can run the Office Setup program if you require additional converters.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Step 1

Go to Microsoft Excel and save the file you want to convert, then close it.

Step 2

Open Microsoft PowerPoint and select "File" and "Open." Change "Files of Type" to "All Files (*.*)" in the "Open" dialog box.

Step 3

Navigate to find the Excel file you want to convert into a PowerPoint file and click on "Open." The Open Worksheet dialog box will open.

Step 4

Choose to convert the entire workbook or worksheet, then click on "OK." Your Excel file will be placed into PowerPoint.

Step 5

Click on "File" and "Save" and choose the PPT file format. Name the file and press "Save."