How to Convert From PDF to Word 2007

By Dari Goldman

Dealing with PDF files can sometimes be a nuisance. Often, the document needs some editing or just a few of your personal touches, but trying to edit most PDF files can be impossible without converting them first into a word processing document. If you are trying to convert a PDF file into a Word 2007 document, the easiest route is to find a free online file converter.

Step 1

Send your PDF file to Zamzar. The website's interface allows you to upload your own saved PDF or type in a URL for a PDF file. To convert to Word 2007, choose the "doc" or "docx" format. Zamar will send you an email containing a link to your converted file. The process takes about five minutes, but times may vary.

Step 2

Send your file to PDFtoWord. This website has a similar setup as Zamzar and also emails you the converted file as an attachment. After uploading your file for conversion, it should only take a few minutes to get the email, though some have reported a 12-hour wait.

Step 3

Upload your PDF file to, which has a slightly different setup. After telling the site which PDF file to convert, click "Convert and Download," to start the conversion. A window should pop up asking if you want to save or open the file. If you open the file first, you can see what the finished product looks like before saving it. This entire process should take no more than a couple of minutes, but may take longer with a large file.

Step 4

Convert your PDF using This site was the top converter reviewed by Freeware Genius. It does not require an email address and seems to retain all of the document's formatting, a feature that many converters lack. After converting your uploaded PDF file, PDF Online provides a link to open your zipped Word file. Click on the link to save or open the file. Although the file will be saved in Rich Text Format, Word 2007 will open this with no problems. To save the file as a Word document, choose "Save As" in the Word file menu and make sure that you're saving the file as ".doc" or ".docx."

Tips & Warnings

  • Generally, you get what you pay for with these file converters. The cheaper you go, the more susceptible you are to formatting changes with your .doc file. If you need a reliable converter, the free options may not be the best choice.
  • CNET Downloads offers a variety of commercial PDF conversion programs. The site includes editor reviews and user reviews for each product.
  • Always find out as much information as possible about the converter you are using. Do not download anything you do not feel completely comfortable with, and do not give your information to any sites that have not been confirmed as reputable by other users.