How to Convert ISO to AVI

By Chris Moore

AVI, or audio video interleave, is the standard data format for videos shared and played over Microsoft Windows media. An ISO image file is often used on DVDs. If you have ISO files saved on your computer, you might need to convert them to AVI so your media player can read them. Converting the files is easy if you have the right tools. There are multiple forms of video software available that can convert videos into multiple formats, including ISO to AVI.

Step 1

Download a DVD/video software program that will convert video files to other formats. Xilisoft DVD Ripper, ISO Burner and ImTOO DVD Creator are a few of the programs available. Most of these programs must be purchased, but they can have free trial periods available.

Step 2

Open the program and make sure it is set to convert files to AVI. Go to the program's profile drop-down list. Choose "AVI" as the output format; you can find it within a common video menu.

Step 3

Import your ISO files into the program. Choose the program's option that allows you to open or add new files. Look for another drop-down list or a drop-down icon to find this option. You can add individual files or a whole folder of them that will appear in the program's main screen.

Step 4

Open up a folder of ISO files in the main screen if you imported such a folder. Go to the "Show Chapters" command in the Edit menu. All the files in one folder will appear in the screen.

Step 5

Select the ISO files you want converted to AVI. They will have a check box to the side that you will check off, or you will highlight each of them. If you can't highlight more than one at a time, try holding down "Ctrl" as you click.

Step 6

Go to the audio drop-down box and choose the audio file format (language) you want it recorded in. Do the same for the file's subtitles.

Step 7

Choose the destination of the converted file. Look for another drop-down box, possibly near the profile box. You can choose its default destination or pick another one on your computer.

Step 8

Click the icon or button on the program that begins the conversion process (an "OK," "Convert" or "Encode" button). A text box will show how much of the file has been converted and how much time is left until the ISO file is finished converting to AVI.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read all instructions and tutorials for your particular conversion program. The conversion steps can vary depending on the program.