How to Convert JAR to IPA

By Mitchell White

JAR is a file extension that stands for "Java Archive." It helps store other files inside to make them smaller and easier to manage. IPA files stands for "iPhone Application." If you have some IPA files inside of a JAR archive, you'll need to decompress the JAR and convert them to get them back in IPA format. You can make this happen using some free tools, such as Internet websites or archive freeware.

Step 1

Visit the Open Jar File conversion site. Click "Choose File" to upload your JAR file to the site. Click "Decompress files" to reveal the IPA files inside. Click on the links for them to download. Open Jar File is free to use.

Step 2

Download and install Bitzipper for PC. Click the "Extract" button from the menu bar to open the JAR file and reveal the IPA inside. Click and drag the IPA to your computer to convert them back to IPA.

Step 3

Download and install WinRAR. Right-click on the JAR file in the folder where it is, such as "My Downloads." A list of various options appear in a drop-down menu. Select "Extract here." The IPA file appears next to the original JAR.