How to Convert JPEG to Vector Art

By Jackson Lewis

Vector art has become more widespread on the Internet with the approval of the W3C vector graphics format, SVG, in the early 2000s. Vector art's largest advantage over legacy formats such as JPEG is that you do not lose image quality when enlarging or reducing the image size. Converting JPEG images to vector art is a common step when manipulating imagery.

Step 1

Install an image conversion utility on your computer. There are freeware and commercial versions online available for you to use. The following steps are common in nature across file conversion utilities, but the menu options may vary slightly.

Step 2

Open the folder that contains the JPEG image that you want to convert to vector art. To do this, open the Windows Explorer by pressing the "Windows" and "E" keys simultaneously. Then, use your computer's file chooser to locate the JPEG image. If necessary, resize the window so that it takes up no more that half the screen.

Step 3

Open the conversion software by double-clicking on the icon on your desktop or by accessing it directly from the "Start" menu. Once opened, click and drag the program window to move it to the side of the screen opposite the folder window.

Step 4

Click on the JPEG image and hold down the mouse button. Next, drag the image into the conversion program window. When the program asks for confirmation, click "Yes" or "OK." Some programs will not let you load images by dragging them onto the program window. If this is the case for the conversion utility that you are using, select the "File" and "Import" menu buttons on the program file menu to open the image.

Step 5

Select the image loaded in the file conversion utility. Then, choose the the "Path" and "Trace Bitmap" menu buttons (or their equivalent in your program).

Step 6

Select the "File" menu in your conversion program, followed by the "Save As" menu option. Then, choose the "SVG" image format to save your JPEG file as vector art. The "SVG" file format can be viewed on any type of computer.