How to Convert JPG Files to PDF Files for Free

By Louise Balle

A JPG (short for JPEG—Joint Photographic Experts Group) file is a tightly compressed web image that is normally fine as-is for emailing, printing or displaying on a web page, just like a PDF file. But one case where you might want to convert a JPG file to PDF format is if you want to add text, links and other images to it in Adobe Acrobat. You can convert a JPG file to PDF format for free using Adobe's online PDF creation tool, but only for a limited number of times.

Things You'll Need

  • CreatePDF Account Online

Step 1

Sign up for a Create Adobe PDF account online at You are allowed up to five free trial conversions when you first start an account—thereafter you must pay a subscription fee (about $10 per month).

Step 2

Click "Convert a File" on your Create PDF dashboard.

Step 3

Browse for the JPG file on your computer. Select it and press "Continue."

Step 4

Select "CreatePDF" under the "Conversion Information" box that pops up on the next page of the wizard. Click "Continue."

Step 5

Choose your Optimization setting. For instance, if you plan to print this file, select "Print." If you only plan to display the converted PDF online, choose "web." Select "Acrobat 5.0(PDF 1.4) from the drop down list under "PDF Compatibility."

Step 6

Decide if you want to allow people to print your new PDF file. If not, select "No Printing (128-bit)" from the "Password Security Options" drop down list to restrict printing.

Step 7

Choose your delivery method for the file. You can have it emailed, deposited directly to your CreatePDF account or displayed on your screen as soon as the conversion is complete. Click "Create PDF" to proceed.

Step 8

Allow between a few seconds to several hours for the conversion to complete. It depends on how busy the site is at the time. The PDF file will display online or you will be emailed information on how to download it, depending on your "delivery method" choice in the last step.