How to Convert Microsoft Word to Spanish

By Angie Briggs

Microsoft Office comes with different language packs, but it will usually default to English. If English is selected as the default for Microsoft Word and your preferred language is Spanish, you can easily change the default language through the settings within Microsoft Office, and the language for all Office programs will be changed.

Step 1

Go to the "Start" menu. Go to "Programs," then "Microsoft Office," and then click "Microsoft Office Language Settings."

Step 2

Highlight "Spanish," and click the "Add" button. It will now appear on the right hand side.

Step 3

Choose "Spanish" in the drop-down menu under "Choose the language that defines default behavior in Microsoft Office applications."

Step 4

Highlight "English" in the "Enabled Languages" box, and choose "Remove."

Step 5

Click "OK." You may have to restart the program to get the settings to take effect.

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