How to Convert Mov to WMV

By Seth Stanton

WMV is a video format for Windows-based computer systems. It is a variation of ASF format, and is natively played by Windows Media Player. MOV is a video format natively played by Quicktime, an Apple product, for Mac computers. While it is possible to download Quicktime for Windows to play MOV files, it may be easier to simply convert your MOV files into the Windows-native WMV format.

Things You'll Need

  • PC
  • Super C

Step 1

Download Super C. See Resources for a link.

Step 2

Install Super C. Launch the program

Step 3

Locate your MOV file using Windows Explorer and drag it into the lower portion of the Super C window, or right click the lower portion of the Super C window and then select "Add Multimedia File(s)."

Step 4

In the top portion of the Super C window, select "WMV" under "Select the output container." You may change additional settings such as pixel size and frame rate in the middle portion of the window.

Step 5

Hit the "encode" button. Your MOV file will be converted to a WMV file.