How to Convert MPEG4 to MP3

By Andrew Schrader

MPEG-4 (MP4) files are among the most popular internet video formats. These files usually contain compressed Advanced Audio Coding (M4A) audio, so converting your MP4 to MP3 requires a program that can extract and convert only the audio. There are no programs included with your PC or Mac operating system that will extract just the audio from a video file, but you can download one of the following for free from the Internet, including River Past Audio Converter, Advanced X Video Converter, and Free Audio Converter. These are all very similar programs with nearly identical instructions, as the process of loading and extracting audio from video is a fairly simple and straightforward procedure. However, please note that if you use River Past Audio Converter, you will need to also download QuickTime Player from Apple, as this program works in conjunction with River Past to decode your MPEG-4 before converting the audio.

Step 1

Download and install a video conversion program. Agree to the terms of use and launch the software.

Step 2

In the software's interface, click the "Add File" button and direct the program to the MP4 you want converted. Open the video.

Step 3

Select the "Extract Audio From Video" button once your video is loaded, and choose MP3 from the output format options. It is best to stick with the program's default bitrates and channeling options for general conversions (see Tips).

Step 4

Choose your file's output location (where your computer will save the file to) and click "Convert" or "Start" to begin the conversion. Depending on the size of your MPEG-4, allow several minutes for extraction to complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • Upping your file's bitrate will increase the quality and the file's size. There is no need to choose a mono channeling option unless the speakers you are playing it out of only supports mono inputs (check your user manual).
  • Converting your MP4 to MP3 will result in audio only output.