How to Convert NEF Nikon Files to JPEG

By Alex Zang

You went away on vacation, taking your Nikon camera with you, and took a whole bunch of pictures -- hundreds of them. When you got back, you moved all of your pictures onto your computer, hoping to upload them to Facebook. Unfortunately, your computer doesn't have the right program installed and can't access the NEF pictures. The best solution is to use a third-party software program to convert all of your NEF pictures into JPEG files.

Step 1

Download Contenta Converter Premium, a software program designed to convert NEF files into JPEG format. Contenta Converter Premium allows batch conversions -- which means you can convert multiple NEF files at one time, rather than manually performing the conversion for each file. As of April 2011, Contenta Converter offers a 30-day trial period, after which a one-time payment of $29.90 is required to continue using the program.

Step 2

Download the trial version of Total Image Converter. Open the program and select the NEF files you need to convert. Choose "JPEG" as the format you want to convert the NEF file to, then click "Convert." Total Image Converter costs $19.17 as of April 2011.

Step 3

Download ReaJPEG 4.0. Open the program, then drag the NEF files from Windows into the program. Use the editing tools to alter the photo however you want, then click "Save" to save your NEF file as a JPEG. ReaJPEG 4.0 costs $9.99 as of April 2011.