How to Convert Olympus DSS Files

By Betshy Paola Sanchez Marr

DSS files are audio files that are mainly associated with a Digital Speech Standard File, which was originally developed under the International Voice Association, which according to the website, "was comprised of Olympus America."You can convert DSS files to the WAV, AVI and MP3 formats, using applications such as Allok MP3 to AMR Converter 3.0, FLV to AVI Video Converter 1.0 and MP3 Converter Pro 4.1, among others. By doing this, you will be able to open the existing file with different programs.

Things You'll Need

  • Conversion software

Step 1

Right-click the DSS file.

Step 2

Click "Open With."

Step 3

Select the "Choose Default Program" option.

Step 4

Click the icon of the program with which you wish to convert the DSS file.

Step 5

Click on "Browse" only if you can't see the conversion software you wish to use. Search for it, select it and click "Open."

Step 6

Click "OK." Your DSS file will open.

Step 7

Click "Convert." If you cannot see this option, find it under the "File" menu.

Step 8

Select the file extension you wish to convert the DSS file to then click "Convert." (If you cannot see a "Convert" option, click on "OK" or "Continue," depending on the software.) Your DSS file will be converted.

Tips & Warnings

  • Conversion applications vary.