How to Convert PDF Files in to Excel Format

By Maureen Bruen

To convert PDF files in to Excel format simply use the "External Data" features of Excel to read the PDF file. This feature allows you to read and format files into readable Excel formats. The file, saved in Excel format, can be used just like any other Excel file. Open Excel and select the "External Data" options to retrieve data from a file. Simply, browse, select your PDF file, and the "Import Wizard" is displayed so you can specify the Excel format. You can import a PDF table or the entire PDF document.

Step 1

Launch "Excel."

Step 2

Select "Data," "Get External Data" or "Import External Data" and choose any "From File" option. For example, you can choose "From Access," or "From Text" but do not choose "From Web" since this is a Web option not a file option.

Step 3

Select "Fixed Width" from the "Import Wizard" dialog box and click "Next."

Step 4

Select the break lines in the "Data Preview" window and move them to the desired position. These break lines are used to format the PDF data into the desired Excel format.

Step 5

Click "Next" to view the Excel format in the "Data Preview" window. Select each column of the spreadsheet and assign a specific data format if needed. The "General" data column format handles only numbers and dates, everything else is given the text format.

Step 6

Click "Finish" and click "OK" to put the converted PDF file data in the existing worksheet. If needed, click the "New worksheet" option to place the PDF data in another worksheet, before clicking "OK."

Step 7

The worksheet is displayed with the converted PDF file data in Excel format.